Know Your Tea

Tea is considered to be the best gift of nature to human beings as a beverage. Apart from the heavenly aroma and taste, it is loaded with anti-oxidants and nutrients which not only energises your body and soul but also makes you feel healthy. The idea of taking a sip of tea during chilly morning makes you nostalgic and relaxes your mind like no other beverage does. For most our morning without tea would remain incomplete. A sip of tea in the morning rejuvenates our body and starts our day. A tea after breakfast charges us for the rest of the day.

Tea is considered as the best welcome drink for guests and naturally promotes conversation between people. There is a special place of tea in our daily lives and it is held to be the most consumed drink after water. As per statistics, more than 80% population in the world consume tea and many people are addicted to this drink.

In India, tea has a unique place in lives of common man. Consequently, India is the second largest producer of tea after China. The lush green tea gardens of Assam are famous for producing world class tea. These gardens not only produce rich quality tea but also add immense beauty to the hilly landscape. Assam is considered as the world's largest tea-growing region. Apart from Assam, other Himalayan regions in the North and Darjeeling are famous for producing world class tea.

There are different varieties of tea like green tea, ginger tea, black tea, lemon tea, milk tea and many more. Each kind of tea has its own fragrance, taste, and benefits. Tea, with all its special therapeutic values, helps us in relaxing, relieving, refreshing and rejuvenating.