About Us

Welcome to Green Peacock Tea

Green Peacock brand R M ENETRPRISE endeavors to provide you the finest tea with pleasant taste and aroma, right from the lush tea gardens of Assam, out of mist and fog to your teapots.

The team of established, acknowledged and experienced master tea blenders has enabled R M ENETRPRISE to evolve from solely being tea blenders to one of the key tea manufacturers of India. R M ENETRPRISE holds all attributes of the most preferred tea brands in the nation.

R M ENETRPRISE is considered as the hallmark of quality and refreshing tea in India. We have gained national and international recognition as the manufacturer of tea of consistent taste and rich quality. We consistently aim at combining quality with innovation to produce teas that retain both fragrance and taste. The tea produced by R M ENETRPRISE is of superior quality Assam CTC and Orthodox teas under Green Peacock brand.
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We supply some of the world’s finest varieties of tea. To achieve so we have tied up with the best quality tea gardens in the Tea Estate of India 'Assam'. We pay utmost care right from selecting the fine tea leaves to their processing and packaging. This is done to retain the unique taste and aroma of the tea leaves.

R M ENETRPRISE  through innovative advertising campaigns and a strong online and offline distribution network ensures the reach of product to its customers with its core values intact.

Available at all leading stores, R M ENETRPRISE  is undeniably an experience that truly vitalizes.