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Green Peacock brand RT IMPEX TEA endeavors to provide you the finest tea with pleasant taste and aroma, right from the lush tea gardens of Assam, out of mist and fog to your teapots.The team of established, acknowledged and experienced master tea blenders has enabled RT IMPEX to evolve from solely being tea blenders to one of the key tea manufacturers of India. RT IMPEX TEA holds all attributes of the most preferred tea brands in the nation. RT IMPEX TEA is considered as the hallmark of quality and refreshing tea in India. We have gained national and international recognition as the manufacturer of tea of consistent taste and rich quality. We consistently aim at combining quality with innovation to produce teas that retain both fragrance and taste. The tea produced by RT Impex is of superior quality Assam CTC and Orthodox teas under Green Peacock brand. We provide CTC bags on loose ordering minimum single tonne, and we provide branding packets ordering minimum 500kgs.


Peacock Tea Classic

Peacock Classic Tea is the tea that RT-Impex has introduced to the customers who value real classic tea taste & aroma. We blend it uniquely to preserve the traditional taste & aroma of the Assam tea gardens. The tea is heart-warming, relaxing, delicious, and awesome. Its best served in the Indian traditional way by adding sugar with a little milk or milk substitute. The basic essence of this tea is Comfort and Relaxation.
It comes in pack sizes of 50gm, 100gm & 250gm.

Peacock Tea Premium

Peacock Premium tea is meant for the customer’s seeking real aroma created by the art of blending by the magicians from the traditional tea pot of India i.e. ASSAM. We create a unique royal taste which instantly refreshes the senses & recharge the body & soul with new energy. The tea blend is the traditional secret of RT Impex for the customers seeking Royal Taste. This tea is best served in traditional Indian way with sugar & milk.
It comes in pack sizes of 50gm, 100gm & 250gm.

Peacock Tea International

Peacock International tea blend has been developed by the RT Impex tea blenders for the customer segment seeking the real flavor & energy of black tea. The unique tea blend of this tea gives instant freshness, real authentic Assam aroma & taste & energy. This tea is best served with hot water & sometimes with sugar as per taste.
It comes in pack sizes of 50gm, 100gm & 250gm.

peacock Organic Green tea

Backed with decades of experience Green Peacock tea bring out organic green teas that are rich in anti-oxidant properties. Hygienically processed our organic green teas promotes healthy metabolism, good health and boosts energy level.

 Organic Tea
 Green Tea
Peacock green Tea

Buy premium quality Green tea made from naturally available ingredient! Green Peacock tea is the leading tea brand and supplier of green teas that are known for health benefits as well as aroma and taste.


100% Organic

Has numerous health benefits, With no artificial flavoring, it has antioxidant properties.

Battle Cancer

Apart from reducing inflammation, stress, and insomnia have cancer-fighting abilities.

Weight Loss

Linked with many health benefits green-tea drinking with exercise may maximize the weight loss benefits.

Reduces Heart Attack risk

The healing properties of green tea may be helpful avoiding heart diseases.



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